Force 500 N.

RVAN5-24AValve actuator for control of Regin valves. The actuator has automatic self stroke adjustment and can be operated manually.

  • Protection class IP54
  • Stroke 10...30 mm
  • Manual operation
  • Automatic stroke adjustment
  • Easy to mount the valve
  • Position indication

Stroke and end position calibration
Stroke and end position calibration is not necessary due to a construction utilizing end position stops. When the valve reaches the end position, a force is generated. Once the force of the actuator reaches a predefined level, the limit switch automatically halts the drive motor.

Download Brochure
Download Brochure

RVAZ4 is a range of valve actuators for control of Regin's zone valves in the ZTV/ZTR, ZTVB/ZTRB range. Force 400 N.

  • RVAZ4 - Valve actuator for 0...10 V or 3-position  control3-position or 0...10 V control signal
  • 24 V AC or 230 V AC supply voltage
  • Manual manoeuvring
  • Easy to mount on the valve
  • Stroke 5.5 mm
  • Position indication

All the valve actuators in the RVAZ4 range can be used together with valves in the ZTV/ZTR, ZTVB/ZTRB range. They are easy to mount and have a clear position indication which shows the position of the actuator. The actuator has manual manoeuvring.

Download Brochure
Download Brochure