Woltmann flow meters for large nominal flows combined with calculator and temperature sensors.

WSTH/WPTH - Woltmann type combined energy meterThe WSTH and WPTH meters are designed for flow measurements in large plants, such as those found in district heating systems.

Short Facts About WSTH/WPTH

  • Flow meters for large nominal flows from 15 up to 600 m3
  • EEPROM prevents data loss
  • For horizontal or vertical pipe mounting
  • Available with M-Bus, pulse output or M-Bus and 2 pulse inputs

The menu system, available in the display, makes it possible to read a large number of parameters, such as heat and cold consumption, total energy spent on heating and cooling, temperatures along with current energy consumption.

Installation is normally in the return pipe.

The WSTH and WPTH combined energy meters come equipped with two PT500 temperature sensors. The resistors for the sensors are composed of platinum and maintain a standard of DIN IEC 60751.

In the flow meters, only the turbine wheel operates inside the wet chamber. The impeller has a hard bearing. In order to protect against magnetic interference, the counters are shielded.

Download Brochure
Download Brochure