Windows-based programming environment for the EXO system controllers as well as SCADA and project design. Programming of controllers with ready-made objects, function blocks and/or the high-level language EXOL. Designing of symbols.

EXOdesigner - EXO programming environmentEXOdesigner is a set of software for configuring your EXO system. It can be used for:

  • Creating an EXO system with communication structure and general project design
  • Configuring the controllers in a project
  • Configuring computers and EXOscada graphics

All EXO controllers are fully software compatible and are programmed using EXOdesigner, a PC based development environment. The compatibility also applies across product generations, which offers a number of advantages:

  • You can exchange controllers in a system without having to rewrite the programs. When you upgra de your system, the old programs can be re-used.
  • In order to program the EXO controllers, you only need to learn one programming tool.
  • Investments in program development stay the same over time.

The controllers are freely programmable, which gives maximal flexibility. You can create your own applications and program library.

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Download Brochure