One Row Intelligent IDU


General Introduction

KSTAR IDU integrate with cabinets, monitoring, power supply and distribution system, batteries, inrow air conditioner and other infrastructure; KSTAR IDU can support one row sealed cold/hot aisle, battery packs can be configured inside or outside the cabinets.



KSTAR IDU is better to be used in the small to medium data center of which power is less than 20kVA and space is less than 50m², computer room of large enterprises branch, financial service network, school, hospital, retailing, government department and so on.


Value to Customer

Ease of Use

  • Modularization component, standardization interface, quick installation on site
  • Prefabricate assembly, plug and play, simple setting
  • Centralized monitor, intelligent management, remote monitor

High Efficiency

  • Flexiblec onfiguration by high-efficiency power modules
  • Short distance of cooling path, sealed aisle, cold air and hot air separation, avoid hot spot, total PUE is less than 1.5


  • Sealed micro environment, dust-proof, noise-proof, little affected by the environment, lifetime lengthens 1 to 2 times.
  • Key subsystem can be configured as N+1/N design and enhance the stabilization of the system.


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