• IDU support rack-mounted UPS installation, recommended Power is equal or less than 20kVA
    • Double conversion on-line design,input power factor is up to 0.99 by PFC technology
    • Full DSP control make UPS more stable
    • Intelligent charging, user can set charging current
    • Wide input voltage range avoids frequent transferring to battery mode; Wide input frequency, and it is compatible with all kinds of generators
    • LCD/LED display
    • Self diagnosis at startup
    • Cold start function
    • Protection for overload, short circuit, over temperature of inverter, battery low and battery over-charge
    • Intelligent speed regulating fan can extend the lifetime of fan
    • Intelligent management: RS232/SNMP(optional)/parallel kit
      (optional)/relay card(optional)
    • Self-testing function can simulate full load running without real load
    • Battery self-testing function reduces the maintenance cost
      • IDM adopts modular UPS, and the recommended power of UPS is less or equal 200kVA
      • High efficency, stable, high power density, flexible expansion
      • N+X redundancy, soft expansion makes full use of the power
      • Distribute bypass design enhances the stability of the whole system
      • Power module, monitor module, fuse unit are hot swappable
      • Standard configuration with input and output power distribution unit, and manual maintenance bypass
      • Rectifier walk-in function: modules startup one by one, soft start can reduce the pressure of generator
      • Support LBS function
      • Efficiency is up to 96%
      • THDI≤2%
      • Protection for overload, short circuit, over temperature of inverter, battery low and battery over-charge
      • Intelligent management: RS232/SNMP(optional)/parallel kit (optional)/relay card(optional)
      • Battery self-testing function reduces the maintenance cost


        • High strength 9 folded framework structure, maximum static load is up to 1500kG
        • High density hexagonal mesh, ventilation rate is 75%.
        • Meet standards of ANSI/AIARS-310-D, DIN41497, PARTE, IEC60297-2, DIN41494, PART7, GB/T3047.2-92; compatible with 19 inch international standard, metric standard, STSL standard
        • Materials: SPCC high-quality cold-roll steel plate; thickness :thesquareholeis 2.0mm,othersare1.2mm
        • Surface treatment of degreasing, pickling, phosphating, electrostatic paint
        • Standard black, other color can be customized
          • Cooling capacity 3.8-12.5kW for IDU, 25-65kW for IDM
          • The unit equipped with caster and leveling foot margin, convenient to transport
          • Precise airflow organization, air supply with EC fan, the air volume automatically matching to the load of servers, remarkable energy saving effect
          • Equipped with inverter compressor, the refrigerant variable flow output, matching the variation of the hot source load in real time, precisely cooling and operating at high efficiency
          • The full series is standard equipped with electronic expansion valve, adjust opening of EEV steplessly, precise control flow, keep the air-conditioner worked in the highest energy saving state
          • Support RS485, SNMP communication, and remote monitoring
          • Group control technology, realize automatically switch between units and work in turn function
          • Abundant options: water leakage detector, extension subassembly, power supply protection subassembly, temperature sensor


            Summer or transitional season, outdoor ambient temperature over than internal temperature in computer room or less than it but not reach the fluorine pump startup condition, so startup compressor worked in cooling mode.


            Winter or transitional season, outdoor ambient temperature (≤15°C) less than internal temperatue in computer room and meet the condition of fluorine pump startup, shutdown compressor, and startup the fluorine pump, worked in energy saving operating mode

              Common type input current: 0-1600A

              Precise type input current: 0-630A

              Input type: Single circuit / double circuits

              • Three phase meter (LCD touch screen optional)
              • Main circuit monitoring (branch circuit full power consumption monitoring)
              • Short-circuit, overload, lightning protection (three phase unbalance optional)
              • Fault alarm (Short-circuit, overload, over-current, over and under voltage etc.)
              • Storage for operation history and fault record
              • Hot-swappable and phase-change breaker optional
              • Support Modbus/RS232/RS485 background communication
                • KSTAR VRLA battery,widely used in the field of UPS/telecommunication/electricity, the float life 8-10 years in the standard environment. Battery capacity: 38Ah-3000Ah
                • KSTAR sealed gel battery, widely used in the field of UPS/telecommunication/storage energy, the float life 10-18 years in the standard environment. Battery capacity: 38Ah-3000Ah
                • KSTAR battery possess thorough anti-leakage solution (patent No. ZL 2007 2 0196379.3); and possess battery production licence, pollutant discharge permission licence


                  • Standard 19 inch rack mounted installation, 1U height, ultra-lower power consumption
                  • Monitoring host software and hardware integrated design, highly integration
                  • Monitoring host RAM 4G (8G optional), solid state disk 120G
                  • Adopting B/S structure, no need to install client software
                  • Support electronic map, 3D configuration graph
                  • Automatic generate performance report of the facility and environment in the computer room
                  • Support various alarm types included audio and light, telephone and voice, short message, e-mail etc.
                  • Support multiple terminal APP browse on mobile phone or tablet PC, also WeChat official account

                  Monitoring System Software Interface

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