Liebert HPWHigh Performance Wallmount Cooling Solution for Telecom Mobile Applications

Liebert HPW is the ultimate cooling system ideal for Mobile Telecom Network remote access node in shelters and containers. The Liebert HPW units are packaged, outdoor, wallmount cooling solutions, with the traditional upflow or the innovative downflow air delivery solutions.


  • Direct Expansion having the highest efficiency in a wide range of external environmental conditions as a result of the generous heat exchanger surface design.
  • Freecooling with the highest energy saving, combining the advanced circular damper system with the downflow air distribution concept.
  • Emergency freecooling with the most efficient 48 VDC plug type fan to reduce the impact on the site power consumption.




  • Site shutdown prevention
  • Extreme environmental conditions protection
  • Remote site conditions control


  • Adaptive to all site layouts
  • Suitable for critical environments
  • Respecting the surroundings

Total Cost of Ownership

  • Target fast return on investment


Download Brochure
Download Brochure