Self-Contained Solutions

Telecom solutions designed for year-round cooling of remote communications shelters. These small, rugged, lightweight, self contained air conditioners and thermal management systems are easy to install and maintain, with a variety of options to deliver energy efficiency and redundancy.

Liebert HPFHigh Performance Floor-mount Indoor Package Cooling Solution

The Liebert HPF represents the most complete package indoor cooling system product family specifically designed to control the environmental conditions in technological or industrial rooms as well as inside Fixed and Mobile Telecom Network sites.

The Liebert HPF units are designed for indoor and floor-mount applications with over, under, or displacement air delivery. In direct expansion mode, the priority is given to the energy saving that is reached through the attention given at design level to all processes that realize the cooling effect: high fan efficiency, perfect unit insulation, performing heat exchange, smart logic control.

The HPF telecom enclosure uses direct freecooling mode, tuned to enhance the environmental efficiency by setting the control that will minimize the waste of energy in every condition.

The possibility to switch in emergency cooling mode, through the use of 48 VDC or 230 VAC plug fan, assures the continuity of protection from the risk of working in improper climatic conditions.

Liebert HPSHigh Performance Split with 6-14 kW Capacity

The Liebert HPS is a high performance split air conditioner designed to provide proper environmental conditions inside technological environments, especially BTS and Node B for mobile networks.


  • Efficient air distribution allowed by displacement cooling.
  • Energy and space saving as a result of highly efficienct components and a compact freecooling version.
  • Extremely flexible due to the possibility of selecting among several versions.

Liebert HPWHigh Performance Wallmount Cooling Solution for Telecom Mobile Applications

Liebert HPW is the ultimate cooling system ideal for Mobile Telecom Network remote access node in shelters and containers. The Liebert HPW units are packaged, outdoor, wallmount cooling solutions, with the traditional upflow or the innovative downflow air delivery solutions.


  • Direct Expansion having the highest efficiency in a wide range of external environmental conditions as a result of the generous heat exchanger surface design.
  • Freecooling with the highest energy saving, combining the advanced circular damper system with the downflow air distribution concept.
  • Emergency freecooling with the most efficient 48 VDC plug type fan to reduce the impact on the site power consumption.

Shelter Cooling System, 5.25-17.5kW

Liebert InteleCool2, Shelter Cooling System, 5.25-17.5kWLiebert InteleCool2 is designed for year-round heat management of remote shelters. The small, lightweight, self-contained unit is easy to install and maintain. These rugged infrastructure cooling systems have a variety of options to address energy efficiency and redundancy.

Liebert InteleCool2 units are available in 5.25, 7, 10.5, 14 and 17.5kW (1.5-, 2-, 3-, 4-, and 5-ton) models, 50 or 60Hz.



  • Outdoor wallmount shelter cooling
  • Installs easily self-contained unit
  • Offers outside air economizer options
  • Standard size mounting holes facilitate upgrading to higher capacity models without shelter modifications.