Coolframe, XD Integrated Cooling Module for Egenera BladeFrame EX, 10 kW

Liebert XD Coolframe, XD Integrated Cooling Module for Egenera BladeFrame EX, 10 kWPumped Refrigerant Based Cooling for High Heat Density Applications

The Liebert XD CoolFrame rack cooler is designed and performance certified when attached to the back of the Egenera BladeFrame EX rack. It cools the exhaust air from the rack before the air enters the room. Connects via flexible piping to the Liebert XD system and uses pumped refrigerant technology. Liebert is a member of Egenera Inc. Assured Solution Alliance program.

Liebert XD Coolframe is designed for the specific cooling needs of the Egenera BladeFrame EX. It mounts directly to the back of the rack, requiring no additional floorspace. Supported by Liebert XDP coolant pumping unit or Liebert XDC chiller.


  • High heat density cooling module
  • Mounts on rear of Egenera BladeFrame EX rack
  • Uses pumped refrigerant technology
  • Requires no additional floor space




  • Installs easily, with simple mechanical attachment to the BladeFrame EX.
  • Provides full compatibility with Liebert XDP and XDC units.
  • Requires no additional air movers for the BladeFrame EX system.
  • Requires no additional power for Liebert XD CoolFrame.

Higher Availability

  • Retains BladeFrame EX renowned serviceability features; efficient cable management is preserved.

Low total cost of ownership

  • Saves 23% of typical data center cooling energy cost.
  • Retains the same BladeFrame EX footprint, even with the Liebert XD CoolFrame modules attached.

Ideally Suited For

  • Egenera BladeFrame EX racks


Download Brochure
Download Brochure