Microchannel Condenser

Liebert® MC - Microchannel Condenser The Liebert® MC microchannel condenser is designed to match the outstanding performances of Liebert PDX and Liebert CRV direct expansion units.

The highly efficient Liebert MC unit directly communicates with the indoor units via the integrated iCOMTM Control, providing significant advantages in terms of condenser management. The Liebert MC can thus be managed through the Liebert PDX or Liebert CRV iCOM Control, consequently allowing the complete coordination of the unit and condenser settings status and alarm conditions.

The possibility of selecting silent functioning modes at defined times (i.e. during the night or the weekend), through the unit control, further ensures full operating flexibility.



  • Microchannel Condensing Coil - The full aluminum coil ensures enhanced efficiency levels also during the mechanical cooling mode.
  • New Generation EC Fans - The new generation EC Fans guarantee the highest efficiency at full and at partial load, ensuring also extremely silent operation.



  • Equipped with EC Fans that require a lower power input, thus reducing energy consumption and guaranteeing top-tier performances
  • Full operating flexibility ensured by the iCOMTM Control
  • 20% increase in unit efficiency at full load


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