Indoor Condensing Unit for Liebert DataMate, 5-18kW

Liebert DMC, Indoor Condensing Unit for Liebert DataMate, 5-18kWIndoor Water/Glycol Heat Rejection for DataMate Systems

Liebert DMC water/glycol condensing units are designed to be mounted to the Liebert DataMate evaporator units, making a self-contained cooling unit for effective computer room cooling.

Liebert DMC Condensers are available in nominal capacities of 5 to 18kW (1.5 to 3 tons). Water- or glycol-cooled condensing units are mounted to the DataMate evaporator unit, yielding an esthetically pleasing self-contained cooling system. The condensing unit, available in 50Hz or 60Hz, is field-installed to the standard DataMate evaporator unit.



  • Indoor water or glycol condensing unit
  • Supports Liebert DataMate precision cooling system
  • Installs easily
  • Operates quietly




  • Offers complete cooling solution by integrating water/glycol-cooled condensing unit with evaporator.
  • Close-couples with evaporator unit to allow required refrigerant piping and electrical connections to be made internally.

Higher Availability

  • Operates with quiet, reciprocating compressor with internal vibration isolation mountings, pressure safety controls and built-in overload protection.
  • Features standard brazed-plate heat exchanger, 2-way water/glycol regulating valve, crankcase heater, high pressure switch, sight glass, and filter/dryer.

Lowest Total Cost Of Ownership

  • Delivers to the site fully wired, piped and tested.
  • Allows faster and efficient plan approval and building inspection with CSA agency approval.

Ideally Suited For

  • Data centers
  • Telecommunications facilities
  • Industrial process control centers
  • Laboratories
  • Other sensitive electronic applications