Heat Rejection

System-matched air-cooled condensers, drycoolers and condensing units ensure continuous, proper operation of data center cooling systems. The units are available in a variety of configurations, including high energy efficiency models and low noise models to best support data center infrastructure.


Liebert HPA CondenserHigh Performance Condensers, 5-100 kW Cooling Capacity

Liebert HPA of Emerson Network Power dissipate the heat coming from air cooled direct expansion indoor units. Specifically designed for High Performance Air Conditioning (HPAC) applications, Liebert HPA are characterised by high energy efficiency, excellent reliability and low sound emissions.

Liebert HPA condensers are air-cooled outdoor units available in a wide range of sizes, from 5-100 kW cooling capacity. They fulfill every demand, from small switchboards to the big computer rooms, including working environments such as offices, museums and trading rooms.

Dry Cooler

Liebert HPD Dry CoolerHighly Efficient, Reliable Heat Performance Dry Cooler

Liebert HPD of Emerson Network Power dissipate the heat coming from water-cooled direct expansion indoor units. Specifically designed for High Performance Air Conditioning (HPAC) applications, Liebert HPD outdoor units can operate with water or glycol mixture up to a 40% concentration.

If connected to Liebert indoor FREECOOLER units, they can use low temperature outside environments to cool the room without using the compressors. Resulting energy savings can be up to 30% per year.

Microchannel Condenser

Liebert® MC - Microchannel Condenser The Liebert® MC microchannel condenser is designed to match the outstanding performances of Liebert PDX and Liebert CRV direct expansion units.

The highly efficient Liebert MC unit directly communicates with the indoor units via the integrated iCOMTM Control, providing significant advantages in terms of condenser management. The Liebert MC can thus be managed through the Liebert PDX or Liebert CRV iCOM Control, consequently allowing the complete coordination of the unit and condenser settings status and alarm conditions.

The possibility of selecting silent functioning modes at defined times (i.e. during the night or the weekend), through the unit control, further ensures full operating flexibility.

Outdoor Condenser, 17.5-210kW

Liebert Fin/Tube Outdoor Condenser, 17.5-210kWOutdoor Heat Rejection for a Variety of Applications

Liebert air-cooled condensers are precisely matched to the heat rejection requirements of Liebert data center cooling solutions and fluid chiller systems.

Liebert outdoor condensers are available in a wide range of capacities from 17.5kW to 210kW (5 to 60 tons), 60 Hz or 50 Hz. The units are quickly and easily installed because all internal wiring is completed at the factory, with only two electrical connections to be made at the job site.

  • Liebert Air-Cooled Condensers are low-profile, direct-drive, propeller fan type air-cooled condensers, using either one or two separate circuits.
  • Liebert Quiet-Line outdoor condensers are designed to meet the strictest municipal noise codes with sound levels of less than 57 dBA.
  • Liebert TCDV Condensers utilize a Variable Frequency Drive to control fan speed, for energy savings compared to standard condensers. Designed for use with dual refrigeration circuit cooling systems, including those with digital scroll compressors, they enable operation in outdoor temperatures as low as -20°F (-28.9°C).


Liebert Series PB, Indoor Condenser, 16-98.4kWLiebert Series PB Indoor Condensers complement Liebert air-cooled data center air conditioning units with special heat rejection options. They are designed for data center infrastructure applications where an outdoor heat rejection location is not practical, such as high-rise buildings or areas with restricted access.

Liebert indoor centrifugal condensers are available in ten models ranging from 16 to 98.4kW (4.6 to 28 tons), 60Hz or 50Hz.



  • Indoor system-matched condenser
  • Connects easily
  • Provides flexible installation in a small footprint