Indirect Evaporative Freecooling Unit

Liebert® EFC Indirect Evaporative Freecooling UnitThe Highly Efficient Indirect Evaporative Freecooling Unit

The Liebert® EFC indirect evaporative cooling system is equipped with the most advanced industry technology, including indirect air-to-air heat exchange and evaporative cooling technology all in one footprint, ensuring top energy efficiency and minimized operating costs.

The Liebert EFC is capable of reducing air temperatures by leveraging on the evaporative cooling principle. The process involves the evaporation of pressurized water which cools the surrounding air. Through this technology, the unit can thus achieve pPUE levels of 1.03, ensuring minimum power input and reduced CO2 emissions.

Liebert EFC operates in different functioning modes according to the external air conditions. Its integrated chilled water coil or direct expansion compressors ensure the unit's operation even in climates characterized by extreme humidity levels or severe temperature peaks.

Furthermore, Liebert EFC delivers substantial reductions and savings in terms of electrical infrastructure and equipment. With the unit being installed externally, the internal white space is reduced to a minimum ensuring ease of system installation and maintenance. All of these features significantly reduce data center TCO.