Freecooling Chiller Range

Liebert HPC-S Freecooling Chiller RangeDesigned for the Efficient Cooling of Small Data Centers

Liebert HPC-S is the new small-size freecooling chiller designed for efficient small data centers cooling. Liebert® HPC-S delivers energy savings of up to 55% and comes complete with a control system which uses the best electronic technology, EC Fans and an electronic thermostatic valve allowing customers to efficiently meet their business goals regardless of the dimensions of their data center.

In addition to that, our customers can test the improved reliability of the Liebert HPC-S for themselves by puting it through its paces in Emerson Network Power's new Witness Test Area.

Our goal is to help you achieve excellence in terms of product quality, reduced energy consumption and improved operations. To gain confidence right from the outset come and witness test the Liebert Chiller in the new testing cabin, designed to reproduce the most severe conditions.



  • Scroll compressor chiller
  • "G" version available to achieve an higher efficiency
  • Fast Start Ramp
  • Chiller & freecooling versions
  • EEV (Electronic Expansion Valve)
  • EC Fans
  • Optimized for R410A refrigerant
  • iCOM Control



  • Maximized efficiency with the "G" version, up to 55% energy saving, even when working in tropical regions; equivalent to up to €25k of costs reduction.
  • Energy saving with integrated free cooling section; delivering additional energy saving and greater reliability.
  • Increased reliability with the cutting edge Witness Test Area. Visit us to test your Liebert HPC Chiller at the worst working conditions and enjoy discovering its reliability!


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Download Brochure