Adiabatic Freecooling Chiller Range

Liebert® AFC Adiabatic Freecooling Chiller RangeData center chiller 500-1450 kW

The Liebert® AFC adiabatic freecooling chiller combines three key cooling technologies: adiabatic, freecooling and mechanical cooling. This combination of technologies allows the Liebert® AFC to achieve the highest efficiency levels and guarantee continuous availability even under the most critical conditions.

Liebert® AFC adiabatic technology is designed to increase freecooling capacity and extend freecooling operation at temperatures up to 30-32°. Furthermore, full operation of the back up compressors is guaranteed up to 50°C, thus ensuring continuous cooling availability also at extreme ambient temperatures.

Featuring Fast Start Ramp, Liebert AFC also ensures that capacity is fully restored in 70 seconds following a power restart, thus guaranteeing the unit's immediate activation. The control, further, continues operating without the need of an external single phase power supply.



  • Integrated Adiabatic System – Highly efficient adiabatic wet pads humidify air entering the freecooling and condensing coils, thus increasing the freecooling chiller system operation and mechanical efficiency.
  • Supersaver - The Supersaver is the software logic embedded in the iCOM Control leveraging on the communication with floor mount units to maximize efficiency at system level.
  • Fast Start Ramp - Fast recovery capacity: the unit ensures the re-establishment of the full cooling capacity in 70 seconds, following a power restart. The control remains operative without the need of an external single phase power supply.
  • New iCOM® 7’’ Touch Display  - The iCOM Control ensures the intelligent management of units within the dynamic data center environment, while the innovative 7” touch screen display presents advanced graphic functions.
  • New Generation EC Fans - the new generation super silent EC fans dramatically reduce the noise levels and increase the overall unit efficiency.
  • Electronic Expansion Valve - Minimizes condensing pressure to reduce compressors’ power consumption thus achieving high efficiency levels.
  • Microchannel Condensing Coil - The full aluminum fan coil ensures extreme efficiency levels during the mechanical cooling mode and minimizes the refrigerant charge.



  • Significant annual efficiency levels deliver a pPUE of 1.08
  • Grants continuous cooling availability in case of water shortages, extreme ambient temperatures and unstable power supply
  • Optimizes efficiency levels of data center applications including Liebert PCW and Smart Aisle Containment.


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