Thermal Management

Data Center Thermal Management

Cooling systems for heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC)

Emerson Network Power makes possible the efficient, reliable and cost effective thermal management in your mission critical facility through unparalleled expertise and the industry's most advanced service, software, and equipment technology. Achieve industry leading efficiency levels (PUE < 1.1), availability approaching 100%, and up to 50% lower capital and operating costs.

This Liebert thermal management product range includes air conditioning units, hvac systems, evaporative cooling units and precision cooling solutions, ideal for a reliable data center performance.

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Small data center cooling and humidity control of areas such as computer, control, and equipment rooms where people and sensitive electronics share the same space. These space-saving data center solutions are available in configurations and sizes to protect and cool electronic equipment in tight spaces.

Indirect evaporative freecooling units, equipped with the most advanced industry technology, including indirect air-to-air heat exchange and evaporative cooling technology all in one footprint, ensuring top energy efficiency and minimized operating costs.

Large room cooling systems and humidity control solutions, designed to cool the data center environment at the lowest operating costs, while maximizing efficiency levels. A variety of Thermal Management solutions, models and configurations are available, in a unique range of server room air conditioners and air cooling systems.

Small air conditioning units that provide an efficient data center cooling and humidity control for areas such as equipment, control and computer rooms, where people and sensitive electronics share the same space.

These space-saving small air conditioners and data center cooling systems are available in various configurations and sizes, designed to protect and cool electronic equipment in tight spaces.

These water-cooled and air-cooled chillers provide dedicated, capacity-matched cooling, proper temperature and waterflow, and year-round operation for heat-generating medical or industrial equipment. The pre-packaged systems are easy to install, and are easy to relocate when site needs change.

Economizer precise cooling solutions -- including Liebert Air Economizer, GLYCOOL glycol-cooled economizer, and chiller plant economizer compatibility -- can reduce data center cooling costs by up to 50%, without compromising system reliability.

System-matched air-cooled condensers, drycoolers and condensing units ensure continuous, proper operation of data center cooling systems. The units are available in a variety of configurations, including high energy efficiency models and low noise models to best support data center infrastructure.

Telecom solutions designed for year-round cooling of remote communications shelters. These small, rugged, lightweight, self contained air conditioners and thermal management systems are easy to install and maintain, with a variety of options to deliver energy efficiency and redundancy.

Liebert XD delivers energy efficient air conditioners and flexible high density cooling solutions, designed to optimize data center infrastructure. These data center modular cooling solutions are available with open or closed architecture, and pumped refrigerant-based or water-based technology.

Data center environmental monitoring solutions and air monitoring equipment deliver increased visibility and control of critical support systems for single modules, entire data centers or all critical facilities in an enterprise data center.