Windows-based programming environment for the EXO system controllers as well as SCADA and project design. Programming of controllers with ready-made objects, function blocks and/or the high-level language EXOL. Designing of symbols.

EXOdesigner is a set of software for configuring your EXO system. It can be used for:

  • Creating an EXO system with communication structure and general project design
  • Configuring the controllers in a project
  • Configuring computers and EXOscada graphics

All EXO controllers are fully software compatible and are programmed using EXOdesigner, a PC based development environment. The compatibility also applies across product generations, which offers a number of advantages:

  • You can exchange controllers in a system without having to rewrite the programs. When you upgra de your system, the old programs can be re-used.
  • In order to program the EXO controllers, you only need to learn one programming tool.
  • Investments in program development stay the same over time.

The controllers are freely programmable, which gives maximal flexibility. You can create your own applications and program library.






Small, compact controller with different types of communication, with or without built-in display. EXOcompact can be used either as a stand-alone unit or as part of a larger system.

  • Suitable for many applications, including heating, ventilation etc.
  • Small and compact controller
  • Large number of communication possibilities
  • Several protocols available
  • Applications can be downloaded during operation
  • Local and remote display simultaneously

The EXOcompact series of controllers are available with 1, 2 or 3 communication ports.

The EXOcompact series is fully compatible with all other products in the EXO range. The controllers are freely programmable using the high-level EXO language EXOL®. Programming takes place in EXOdesigner, the same environment used for all other EXO controllers.






Pre-programmed, configurable controller for simple applications

Optigo is a series of pre-programmed, configurable controllers intended for DIN-mounting that can be set to handle everything from temperature or humidity control to CO2 and pressure control. Features also include a general control usable for several different control modes.

  • Language independent
  • Simple configuration via the backlit display
  • Input for external setpoint device
  • Pre-loaded with several application modes
  • Simple handling using push-/turn knob
  • Temperature sensor input can be set to three different ranges

Optigo OP5U is a pre-programmed, configurable controller for air handling or pressure control applications. It has been designed with the main intent of replacing a number of Regin’s Aqualine controllers.

Starting July 2010, it is possible to connect an external setpoint device. This applies to OP5U models with revision number R18.






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