Emerson Network Power, one of the Emerson business announced that it has appointed PT Dynami Presisi Utama as a value-added distributor for its range of heat management solutions of Emerson Network Power in Indonesia. This step according plan of company to strengthen reseller network in Indonesia and meet the cooling needs for small and medium enterprises effectively.

Susilo Hadi Sumarsono, Country Manager, Emerson Network Power in Indonesia in his speech said, when the companies in Indonesia to expand services via Internet, such as Banks and retail companies via mobile transaction services, they are aware of the need to improve their IT infrastructure system will answer requests of large data. Aware of this, the market leader of Emerson Network Power is committed to continue to deliver new solutions for customers that enable business growth.

“PT Dynami is a trusted name for heat management solutions in Indonesia. The company has a success long history with strong customer networks throughout Indonesia and in various industries. Seeing this, we believe that PT Dynami will be able to help us expand our footprint in Indonesia and build our position as a leader in heat management solutions for UKM,” said Susilo in Jakarta, Monday (30/3/2015).

Later PT Dynami Perkasa Indonesia will be the distributor of Liebert DM, high-performance heat management solutions from Emerson Network Power designed for small and medium-sized computer indoor. Equipped with air filters, Liebert DM is suitable for areas where employees and IT equipment were in the same room. This solution is also quite flexible to fill a minimum of floor space, making it suitable for UKM who want to protect their sensitive IT equipment. Liebert DM is equipped with energy-efficient components option, and labeled the industry standard with high energy efficiency, very good reliability, and long service life.
Emerson Network Power itself has a wide series of heat management solutions that provide the highest efficiency and availability, which presents a reliable heat management and saving in critical facilities.

“UKM has a critical cooling requirements that are unique to the computer room or their data center. Our heat management solutions specifically designed to answer the unique needs of today’s IT environments are complex, because this solution is designed to answer the growing need to be an antidote to the heat, humidity control, filtration and other needs of the data center and computer facilities with other high availability, while providing additional benefits in efficiency, reliability, and flexibility,” said Susilo Hadi.

Meanwhile, headquartered in Surabaya, PT. Dynami Presisi Utama is the leading provider of cooling solutions as well as installation of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning, HVAC). The company is committed to provide the best products and services to customers through experienced and professional technical staff. PT Dynami Presisi Utama is a subsidiary of PT Dynami Perkasa Indonesia, which is engaged in the sale and maintenance of refrigeration solutions for UKM, including regular cooling solutions and precision cooling. The company has branches in Jakarta and Bali.
“With the heat management solution best-in-class owned Emerson Network Power is supported by our strong customer base, this cooperation will answer critical infrastructure needs of UKM. Emerson solutions complement our product line enabling us to fully accommodate the needs of our customers. We are committed to working with Emerson in this cooperation and our passion to lift Emerson offers for the enhancement of our product portfolio for the UKM community,” said Christian Budilarto, Director of PT Dynami Perkasa Indonesia.


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